2 Minor Issues Since Switching to Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by andrewnprice, May 14, 2011.

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    First off thanks for the fantastic mod and all of the various utilities; they certainly make my DroidX a great deal nicer to use.

    Since switching to Gingerbread I have had very few issues, but a couple have come up that I did want to annotate, and unfortunately the first is preventing me from really diagnosing the latter.

    LogCat Display: Since switching to GB I have been trying to program some in eclipse and I have run into an issue where LogCat only wants to display 1-3 lines of information at any one point. When I first plug in the USB I will see the whole log as normal, but after a few seconds it will only display the most current notification, and nothing will appear in my filtered sections. Now I am not sure if it is just a setting is off or if maybe my drivers need to be updated, but it is kind of driving me nuts. Anyone else run into this issue and know of some sort of fix?

    Doggcatcher Writing to SD Card: I use Doggcatcher for all of my podcasts and currently it is having issues when writing to the SD card. If I try to do a mass update it will report that the index array is out of bounds, and will not download. If I manually select a podcast file to download it will receive and play the file, but then if I try to play it again later it will report that the file is no longer on the card and then download it again. Additionally when listening to Doggcatcher with the screen off two or three times it either lost the file or rebooted. Because of the LogCat issue that I previously mentioned I cannot diagnose this issue and give you any further details than what I am observing. Now this might be some sort of compatibility issue with how Doggcatcher is coded, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone else is having this issue. If you have any suggestions for testing practices or a possible fix I would love to receive some input from the community.

    Thanks in advance, and if you need any further details from me I would be happy to provide them.