2 Issues -- 1 Major: No 3G w/ Voice, Low Memory

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    (ETA: I'm using the 1st gen Verizon Motorola Droid)

    1st problem:

    I have 3G service wherever I go.

    However, once I access the phone, dial a number, and hit "send" the "3G" disappears and I have crappy sounding service. This happens NO MATTER where I am. I've done the *288 or whatever it is for new programming of towers. I've turn off/on several times. It doesn't fail. Whenever I go to make a voice call -- reception SUCKS! It's like I'm back in the stone age with this thing.

    2nd problem:

    I always get the stupid little icon up top saying I have low memory. I have everything that will move to the SD card already there. I really don't have that much crap on my phone. The SD card has less than 1gig of data on it, and the phone storage always gets full even though I often dump my texts and phone log.

    Again, any help?

    Thanks everyone!!! dancedroid
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