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by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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NVIDIA is hoping to entice folks into doing a little Black Friday (in person) or Cyber Monday (online) shopping with them. They are having two separate sales on the same device: the Shield Android TV console.

On Black Friday, if you go (in person) to Best Buy, Canada Computers, Fry’s, GameStop, Memory Express or Micro Center, you will be able to purchase the Shield Android TV for $50 off the normal price and get a free ($50 value) Shield Remote.

On Cyber Monday, you can jump online at,, and, and get the exact same deal. To be clear on pricing, that makes the 16GB Shield TV only $149.99 with a free Shield Remote, and the 500GB Shield Pro Android TV will be $249.99 with a free Shield Remote. Both consoles already come with one free Shield Controller.

For more info, here are a couple more links:
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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It looks like Amazon could be the latest in a string of security snafus which have been popping up across the globe the last few years. This one isn't nearly as bad as other breaches. In this instance, Amazon has sent out emails to affected customers that their Amazon account passwords might have been stored or transmitted insecurely, which could have let hackers intercept the data.

Basically, it sounds like Amazon discovered their own security hole and are pre-warning customers. Amazon shared that they were not aware if any third parties obtained users' passwords, but they are forcing them to reset their passwords anyway, just to be safe.

Amazon confirmed they have already corrected the issue, and it's entirely possible that hackers were not able to detect and exploit the problem before they caught it. We expect to hear a press statement at some point from the company. It may be a good idea to change your Amazon password, even if you don't receive an email from the company.

Source: Amazon force-resets some account passwords, citing password leak | ZDNet
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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Between all of the different mobile payment platforms available, it can be a tough call choosing which one to focus on. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are indifferent to the logistical differences between them, perhaps a different incentive might entice you to choose one. Google has teamed up with, and will donate $1 (up to a total of $1 million) to special needs education projects.

This program will start today (November 24th, 2015) and will last through December 31st. On top of that, Google plans to double the amount of donations for each Android Pay purchase on Black Friday specifically. Now you can do some holiday shopping and help out the 6.4 million children in the US education system with special needs issues.

Source: Official Android Blog: Tap. Pay. Give.
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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We have to admit, here at HQ we were quite disappointed to hear that LG had pulled the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE smartwatch from store shelves. We were pretty excited that the first Android Wear smartwatch with LTE and cellular connectivity would be ushering in Dick Tracy style communication devices.

The watch was available at AT&T for about a week before LG suddenly (and without a complete explanation) yanked it from store shelves and effectively canceled it (for now at least). They shared that the recall was due to a "hardware issue" but didn't elaborate beyond that. Today they shared the details of the problem.

It turns out there was a display component problem that would eventually cause the screen's image quality to degrade over time. Here's LG's statement on the issue:

It basically boils down to a quality assurance issue that slipped through the initial...
by DroidModderX at Nov 23, 2015
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There are quite a few great Xposed mods available. Mods like this are one big reason people continue to root their phones. Flipster is an Xposed Framework module that allows you to change both app icons and app names that are displayed on your homescreen. This could really come in handy if you wanted to hide a particular app. You could make it appear as one app rather than what it actually is. This also allows you to add a bit of flair to your home screen really giving it that personal touch. The only drawback is that this module is not supported on 3rd party launchers. It actually only works on the Android AOSP launcher and touchwiz launcher. Grab it for free at the Play Link below.

via Play Store
by DroidModderX at Nov 23, 2015
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Que the heated debate over local storage vs cloud storage. Some "Good Sources" of are reporting that Samsung will include expandable storage on the next generation Galaxy handset. This is a feature missing on the Galaxy S6. When it had become clear that the S6 would not have expandable storage many Samsung faithfuls drew a line in the sand deciding to go with other devices like the One M9 and the LG G4 both of which decided to carry the power feature.

Samsung phones in the past have been known for such power user features as the micro sdcard and removable battery. These features were ditched on the Galaxy S6 in favor of a more premium all metal and glass design. The lack of an sdcard slot also contributed to the overall thinness of the device.

The source also states that Samsung will offer up two sizes. The S7 will have a 5.2" display while the S7 edge will sport a 5.7" display. This matches some rumors that circulated earlier in the year. Another idea floating around is that we may see the curves of the S7 Edge on the top and bottom of the device and not the sides. Of course take all of this with a grain of salt. The s7 announcement is still...
by DroidModderX at Nov 23, 2015
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The LG V10 is a surprisingly premium feeling device. I had my doubts when I found out the device has a plastic back, but even with the plastic back this feels like a luxury phone. The steel side rails and textured rubberish back lend to the devices elegent look and feel. The second screen on the front is super helpful for providing you with phone stats and notifications even when your phone is asleep. The thing that I really love about the V10 is that it is not the same old thing. It would have been easy for them to go with a metal and glass design like others. Instead they have made a device with a plastic back a pleasure to use.

The only missing feature on this phone that makes it feel a bit less premium is the lack of wireless charging support. The Galaxy lineup from Samsung has really cornered the market on this feature. LG has just released an aftermarket back cover with the built in QI technology to bring wireless charging to your LG V10. The only real issue I see with this back cover is price. LG is asking nearly $70 for the backcover. For that price I would expect it to come with a wireless charge pad too! I bet this back cover is heavily discounted quickly. Then again you could just pick up a third party wireless charging back plate from ebay for much less.

via Ebay
by DroidModderX at Nov 23, 2015
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If you are into modding your device then you know how important Root is! There are all kinds of other things you can do with root other than flashing various mods. With root you can make system level changes to your device, you can do full backups and restores of your device, and you can enable free wifi tether. Verizon has made it increasingly difficult to root their carrier branded variant devices. The LG V10 is no exception. It comes with a locked up bootloader, and will need developer intervention to get this phone rooted.

There is already some interest in Root for this device. I have spoken with some of the community interested in working on it, but so far have not heard of any active progress being made. There is now an official bounty thread that has so far accumulated $675 worth of bounty for whoever gets the phone rooted. Bounties are no guarantee that a phone will be rooted, but it does give developers and security experts an extra incentive to get things moving on a root method. If you would like to contribute to the bounty head to the link below.

by DroidModderX at Nov 23, 2015
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The proverbial writing was on the wall. The application that granted subscription free wifi tethering on unrooted devices has finally stopped working on Verizon devices. I had heard rumblings of this starting a few days ago when some of you started to tell me that foxfi was no longer working on your devices, but I had not had the chance to test this out on my own. Of course today I was on the road and actually needed it and it is true, foxfi is no longer working on Verizon devices. I tried on a few devices and couldn't get it to work on any devices. None of my devices received an update from Verizon so as far as I know they have not taken measures to stop it device side.

There has been no mention from either Verizon or FoxFi on this. It isn't clear if Verizon has issued a cease and desist or if they have simply blocked the tethering traffic on their side. Hopefully it has just been blocked and FoxFi can come up with another work around. More than a year ago Verizon put the brakes on FoxFi disabling its methods. FoxFi pretty quickly released an update to circumvent Verizon's block. The update used some VPN trickery to make it work once more. Maybe they can come up with a similar work around....
by dgstorm at Nov 23, 2015
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Although Samsung Pay has the hardware technical capabilities to work at more locations than either Apple Pay, Google Pay or any of the other mobile payment options, that doesn't mean you still don't need support on the back end of things. For any mobile payment system to work, you still need to be able to function with each and every credit card or debit card that your customers may want to use. You still have to "load" the payment app with funds from somewhere...

Luckily for Samsung, their support base keeps getting bigger and bigger. The latest report indicates that Chase Bank has added their support to the Samsung Pay hopper. That's a very big player to jump into the mobile payment support fray, adding further legitimacy to their system. According to multiple reports across the web, whenever folks compare Samsung Pay to any of the other mobile payment systems, it comes out ahead simply by virtue of working so easily at more locations than the others. The more support Samsung Pay gets on the back end from various banking agencies, the more it will push mobile payments to the mainstream.

Please speculate on how long it will take for mobile payment systems to replace plastic credit cards...
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