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Verizon Wireless was rumored to have select stores open early for the big Motorola Droid launch on November 6th to deal with rush of customers. This has now been confirmed. Engadget reports:
mobile-review-milestone.jpg Reports: Having heard over the weekend that the GSM version of the Motorola DROID – the Motorola MILESTONE – would be landing in Europe later this month on carrier O2, Mobile-Review’s always-on-the-inside Eldar Murtazin has pushed out a video of the handset in action. As well as swapping...


BGR has just broke news with details that the Motorola Droid will be available in Germany under the name Motorola Milestone. The Droid aka Milestone will be released on Germany's 02 network. Photos of the new device were seen on their website so we know this is more then a rumor now. The wireless...

Engadget has just posted another leaked document indicating the launch of Verizon's second Droid Phone by HTC called the Droid Eris. The document shows it will be released on November 6th, the same day as the Motorola Droid but with a much cheaper price of $99.


BGR has posted a preview of Verizon's “first-of-its-kind” interactive experience in New York City. In coordination with the launch of the new device, Verizon is expected to put on this event called “DROID Does Times Square.” This experience will let people control two of Times Square’s largest digital billboards — the NASDAQ and Reuters signs — using only voice commands.
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