Hey fellows,

Our newest mod Corinacakes found something nice. A library for Android Apps, similar to and but with a better search engine that could be a good alternative.

Check it out!
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Hey folks!

Today the Chromium project site came up with some concepts of a google tablet, superior to other tablets like iPad or the HP Slate. Here are the pictures:

and here is a little video showing some handlings.


Hey all,
You might have read this already, but for those who haven't, this is the latest hammer from Verizon Wireless. The Motorola Devour has been confirmed, Boxed and appears to be ready to hit store shelves. According to the support documents the device will feature WiFi and will have a car kit available upon release.

New to the features list is the use of Qualcomm's MSM7627 processor....

Good news has arrived today,touching programmers as well as hackers or exquisite french ROM-chef's. HTC released the source code of the HTC DROID Eris. Now cooking ROM's for the device is made much easier. So HTC follows the "open source" codex and opens up the device for anyone.


Yeay Folks!,

I guess some have waited for this. The Canadian carrier Telus Mobility has listed the Motorola Milestone as "coming soon". There is no pricing information so far, but launch-date rumors confirm the 15th of february.

The Milestone is basically a GSM version of the DROID, featuring all known specs from the DROID plus multitouch.

Lets see how that works...​
Hey guys,

todays announcement by the Hivision company blew out today.
They introduced a laptop, running android 1.5, and though the price is not concrete yet,
the coorporation said that its not gonna cross the $100 line!

Here are some shots of it!

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