ZeroLemon 5500mAh Extended Battery Charging Case For Note 8 Coming In Early October


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Oct 6, 2011
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I have been carrying my Note 8 for about two weeks, and so far the battery life has been pretty great. I am averaging about 6 hours of screen on time and my battery doesn't die until it is time for me to go to sleep. I am getting a good 18 hours of life out of the 3300mah battery every day. Not everyone has had the same experience with battery life as me. If you don't mind adding a brick to a device that is already quite beefy zerolemon will be releasing their Note 8 battery bank in early October. This will add 5500mah of additional battery life which should have your Note 8 running strong for days. I can definitely see something like this being useful if you have a long trip or plane ride coming up. They have not given us a price for the case yet. You can buy this at the link below once it is available.

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I have been waiting for these for my Devices. I do plan on getting one for the Note 8 when i get it. I wonder how much Thicker it will be then Note in the Otterbox Defender Case.
I think I will check out the case when it is released- be better than carrying around the power brick I currently have for power emergencies.
I think I would prefer my power brick. Seems easier to have that handy when I need a charge than to carry that bulk on my phone.

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Typically I have Seen these Cases Retail for ~$99 but on sale for $70. I know Amazon has a 8,500mAh one for the Note5 ~$60 by ZeroLemon.