Nexus 5 ZeroLemon 3500 initial review.


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Dec 23, 2009
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When I first ordered my nexus 5 I ordered the zerolemon rugged battery case because coming from the note 2 I felt like I would need some extra juice to get through the day. Unfortunately there was a long back order to get the case so I cancelled the order, add to that the nexus 5 having excellent battery life I did not see the need to ever order it again. The past few days I been busier than normal relying on my phone more and more and having longer days so I decided to order it "one more gin" . Being we are on the verge of the nexus 6 being released and the nexus 5 being out for almost a year there was not much of a wait to get the product. My initial thought is it is a nice rugged case that feels sort of like a brick. But because the nexus 5 is already thin the bulk from the case is not that bad, again I was rocking a Note 2 for about a year before going to the Nexus. I actually feel like if you are going to go rugged and add the bulk why not get a case that charges your phone as well.

My initial pros and cons

  • Added protection from drops and dust
  • 3500 mAh battery to add to the 2300mAh that already come with the Nexus giving you a grand total 5800mAh of battery life which will easily last you two days on a single charge. Perfect for camping trips and outings.
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Bulky
  • Challenging to take off at first.
  • Does not allow use of NFC
So who will benefit most from this case?
  • Those who are road warriors and may not have the time to fully charge their phones as much
  • Those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors and on long camping trips
  • blue collared workers who work around dirt and grime and can not get to a charger
So far I am liking this case but again this is an initial review I will do a follow up review. If you are an office worker this may not be suited for you, but if you are always on the go and 2300 mah is just not enough because you are having to go days away from a charger then this may be a good solution for you.
Had it a few days now and must admit I am back to my slim case...actually ordered another slim case with more protection.
My one issues I have (may not be cut right) I can not plug in a charger (including the one out of the box) with out removing it from its case.

Other than that my final verdict on this case/charger is it is a good tool if you are an outdoors men or in a situation where you can go days at a time with out being able to charge your device. For me I have that issue every now and then but not to the point where I need to sacrifice slim for the extra juice. I plan on keeping it because it does come with a cord where you can plug any device in to it an use it as an otg charger.

To Zero Lemon: So far this is a good product, may not be for everyone, but something I would recommend to those on the go. I wish there was a way I could charge it with out removing it from the case but I am not going to make a fuss about it since I would only need it once every blue moon and I can still use the power pack to charge up my device on the go.

I will continue to use it from time to time an update this thread again if need be. But as of now I posted my final verdict being this device may not be for everyone but for the road warrior and the outdoorsmen this product is a buy so that you can spend more time worrying about what you are doing and less time trying to figure out to squeeze every little bit of juice out of your smart phone to get you through the trip.
Can you fix charging problem with exacto knife?
Yup actually you could.

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