zapX RC1 Rom Droid X fully deodexed and customized to the max

Non of my roms have swype included anymore because of legal matters. However ZapX BAZINGA 1.0 that is being released late Saturday night on my site has Shapewriter, a swype alternative that works the same way and is even more intuitive not to mention its free. 3D gallery is another media gallery from source and is pretty fast.

so i am thinkin about getting this rom
does it not have swype?
whats 3d gallery

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ZapX BAZINGA 1.5 has just been posted at it is a recommend update for anybody that is experiencing issues. It cures airplanes toggling, signal loss, random reboot, and battery stats. It can also be found on Rom Manager however recommended install is through Clockwork Recovery as normal. If you had a problem with 1.0 you will not have the same problems in 1.5. Enjoy I was up till 6:30 AM reconfig this all to work properly for you guys so hope you enjoy it.
Ok how about a screen shot...I'm all about the visuals