zapX RC1 Rom Droid X fully deodexed and customized to the max


Jan 29, 2010
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ZapX RC2 is finally complete for Droid X. It's fast as hell and is very, very customized. There is still some Blur left, but very little. It's even faster then RC1



OTA Rebuilt
Optimized and Zipalinged
System Performance Tweaks
Animated Weather apps and Radar Fixed
Car Dock Fixed
Programs such as Tasker and OS Manager Fixed
3D Gallery Option
Work Contacts Option
File Manager Option
Fixed Force Closes
DLNA and Media Share Removed
Swype removed added as an option
Voice Search Removed (Download from Market)

Launchers have been removed from the system and placed as downloadable options.

Available on Rom Manager.


***Note: Make sure you have 2.2 previously installed (if not I recommend downloading team black hats app and download Froyo move it from the team black hat folder in your sdcard to the root of your sdcard, reboot recovery and install zip.)***

-Run the Droid X Bootstrapper App
-Boot into Bootstrap Recovery
-Create a Nandroid back up if you like to be safe
-Go into Mounts and Storage
-Format System
-Format Cache
-Press back button
-Install Zip From SDCard
-Select the zapX rom of your choice
-Select Yes
-Reboot Your System
-The first boot will take a little bit, but then zap, it’s zippy as hell.


ZapX RC2 ( format) 10/20 -
download mirror

ADW Launcher Updater ( format) - download updater

Launcher Pro Updater ( format) - download updater

Zeam Launcher ( format) -
download updater

File Manager ( format) -
download updater

Swype ( format) -
download updater

3D Gallery ( format) -
download updater

I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your phone but I will be happy to help out with anything you need you can find me on the roms homepage, or on twitter @drewgaren

you can find my roms site at and help pages here. if you want sounds and apps back on see help zapX Rom site

I'm just an unemployed grad student. I put a lot of hours into this and am going to continue. If you guys want to see more out of me and some more roms please help me out by donating.

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You don't really need screenshots for a rom...unless I read wrong it's a stock theme so it would look exactly like the stock DX.
You don't really need screenshots for a rom...unless I read wrong it's a stock theme so it would look exactly like the stock DX.

It has a theme, read more carefully. However the theme can be returned to stock or changed to another one if a person does not like it. It does not affect the rom itself that much. Without the theme there is a little more system memory free but not that much.
What? No awd launcher? Great work on your rom. Keep it up!

Typed with Swype on my Droid X and sent with Tapatalk.

Is has become known to me that there are some threats that do not affect new users, but old users and for that reason the download was pulled while I work on revisions. RC2 will be posted as soon as possible without these kinks and will have much stable ground work and more to come including a faster system.
I've run into a couple of kinks.
1) i'm receiving txts twice.
2) For some reason not all of my exchange contacts pulled in.

--- As it appears, none of them did. some are there but it looks like they were picked up my gmail previously.
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Hey 713King, can you post up the HTC Bokeh live wallpaper that you have in your sig for everyone else to grab? I've never been able to find the real one!
Revisions to fix threats coming tonight hopefully. RC2 coming in next week or two.
is an exchange fix possible too? i dig this rom aside from that
Threats ? In regards to

There was left over data on the files that needed to be taken out. Revisions have been made and so far so good. Files are being uploaded as we speak. RC2 will be out soon but revisions will be up tonight if possible.
is an exchange fix possible too? i dig this rom aside from that

Exchange is working for me, try the revision that I'll be posting tonight and see if that works better for you. There were some kinks and in the RC1. The revision is better and faster.