your thoughts on phone for blind daughter.


Nov 28, 2010
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NE Michigan
I am looking for a phone for my daughter who is blind. She is fully functioning and just got her PHD and is starting a new job. She will need a phone that can speak to her for almost all functions. She will need it to read menu's, read text messeges and anounce the name of the caller as well as may other things as you might imagine. I thinking Droid or I phone. She will be with verizon. Most of all it must have a slide keyboard so she can feel the letters. Was looking for some imput from the forum. Thanks Mike
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I can't speak of the ability to read menus and the like. But if a keyboard is a must your options are limited. The Droid 3 has a very good keyboard with well spaced out keys. I believe the rest can worked around either with internal settings or apps from the market.

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Most Android phones have a TalkBack function. Its in Settings/Accessibility. Its usually built in, but heres more info on it:

Heres some info on Talking Caller ID:

Heres one for text messages:
Google Voice does this too. Even with voice mail, I believe. You'll find it in that link.