Wont boot past black screen?


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Dec 12, 2010
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South Shore, MA
Ok so I havent been able to find anyone else with this same problem. I was in the middle of trying to send a text message and my phone just locked up and do this about 3 times within about 4 minutes, it would freeze and then I would press the top button and then get it to home but as soon as I went to text my friend it would freeze again. This happened a 4th time and it wouldnt go back, so I just removed the battery to turn it off.

And now it doesnt even boot, I went to turn it on and it just stays hung up on the black screen before the Motorola logo and wont go any further. I've tried to remove and reset the battery and no success. I have also tried to hard reset by holding X, both with the battery in and trying to hold X as I put the battery in, and holding the power button but it still wont go past that black screen.

I also tried plugging it in to my charger for kicks and it does the same thing, I'm gonna try and leave it on and kill the battery and then recharge it, but I don't think this is going to do anything since I even tried removing the battery and then plugging it into the charger so it'd just run off of the charger and it even then wouldnt go past the black screen.

Any ideas? Thank You
Yep. I have the same problem problem with my Droid 1. I was never able to fix it so I ended up getting a new phone. I even disassembled the phone and put it back together to check for any loose connections and found nothing.

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