Charger Plugged In, battery level stays at 5%


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Apr 10, 2012
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I have a DROID1 obviusly, non rooted (obviously) and the battery is drained to 0%. When I plug it in the phone boots up and everything, but the battery icon in the top right stays at the red point (isnt it supposed to animate?) and there is also a "lightning bolt" icon in the battery icon. I went into the settings and it says the battery is "AC charging) or something along those lines, so it RECOGNIZES the charger.

but it wont charge?? I just order this phone yesterday, could it be the chargers? I've tried two so far the one it came with (which looks like its an off brand one) , and another off brand one that was for my Motorola Devour...........sigh* please help.

I was thinking maybe i could do a hard reset? but how would I perform that if my phone is dead?
What are you plugging your phone into? Are you plugging directly into the wall or are you using the usb to plug into a computer? The computer will charge much slower and it will look as if you are not getting anywhere but you are. I would recommend turning the phone off, plugging it into a wall socket and letting it get a full charge overnight then see what it looks like in the morning.
sorry I didnt realize I forgot to mention how I was charging it.

It's through a wall charger.

When you plug a Droid is a charger, is there supposed to be a "lightning bolt" icon inside of the battery icon in the top right corner?

thanks for any replys by the way I really appreciate it.
I will defer to Droid experts but the lightning bolt is pretty standard to show that the phone is charging. Make sure the cord is fully plugged into the wall outlet adapter. I went the days thinking I had a bad cord until I realized that it wasn't connected properly. Also try just plugging into a computer. Try different USB cords with the wall adapter. What you need to do is figure out which part is not working: the adapter, the cord our the phone. Hopefully, one of the first two and not the last item on the list. If that doesn't help hopefully someone else had a good idea.

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Pull your battery out and look at the contacts, the area the phone and the battery contact each other may be oxidized.. known as electrolysis...use an eraser from a pencil and gently clean the contacts by running the eraser over the brass colored areas. This will make the connection better for charging. Also, is the battery a stock battery? Or is it a knockoff?? That makes a difference IMHO.

Mike.757 is right. For now turn off the phone, keep it plugged in and let it charge overnight. When you plug it in, the lightning bolt means its charging. When its off, it will charge better anyhow, no pull on the battery. Report back in the morning and let us know if it charges.

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The OG Droid will only charge while off if the battery is completely discharged. After reaching about 5% it will turn itself on and continue charging.
The OG Droid will only charge while off if the battery is completely discharged. After reaching about 5% it will turn itself on and continue charging.

Something I didn't know... I stand corrected.

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