Wireless Charging Is Here For The LG V10!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The LG V10 is a surprisingly premium feeling device. I had my doubts when I found out the device has a plastic back, but even with the plastic back this feels like a luxury phone. The steel side rails and textured rubberish back lend to the devices elegent look and feel. The second screen on the front is super helpful for providing you with phone stats and notifications even when your phone is asleep. The thing that I really love about the V10 is that it is not the same old thing. It would have been easy for them to go with a metal and glass design like others. Instead they have made a device with a plastic back a pleasure to use.

The only missing feature on this phone that makes it feel a bit less premium is the lack of wireless charging support. The Galaxy lineup from Samsung has really cornered the market on this feature. LG has just released an aftermarket back cover with the built in QI technology to bring wireless charging to your LG V10. The only real issue I see with this back cover is price. LG is asking nearly $70 for the backcover. For that price I would expect it to come with a wireless charge pad too! I bet this back cover is heavily discounted quickly. Then again you could just pick up a third party wireless charging back plate from ebay for much less.

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Jan 9, 2010
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I purchased one of the 3rd party aftermarket backs (LG V10 Wireless Charging Battery Leather Door Back Cover Case) back around November 15th and it finally arrived today...it works although it doesn't seem to charge quite as fast as the USB cord and it does seem to bump up the temp of the phone a couple of degrees (nothing major by any means but just indicating what I have found)...

I also have a Quick Cover case coming with wireless charging, so I will report once I receive that as well ;)...