Verizon Releases A Bug Fixing Update For The LG V10


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Oct 6, 2011
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The LG V10 easily made my top 5 devices list for 2015. The phone features a premium yet unique design. The duraskin back and steel side bars make this one of the easiest phones to grip. The V10 is also military standard rated for durability which means this phone won't break the first time it takes a two foot drop. I was actually comfortable enough with this device to carry it without a case. The camera features DSLR like manual settings for both photos and video. The only thing really holding this phone back was a few bugs in the software.

I experienced some really annoying bugs such as problems with the fingerprint scanner when using a case, audio issues with the speaker, and connections issues with my calls dropping when trying to call out making phone usage impossible until rebooting the phone.

Verizon has just released an update with some bug fixes, but none of the above issues is in their changelog which is a bummer. The actual bug fixes include QRemote crash fix, Nav icons fix, and Contacts and Second Screen fixes. I will have to check out this update and see if it may have snuck in the other much needed fixes.

via Verizon

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Oct 8, 2010
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Wait...Verizon issued a fix for something? This has to be a misprint...