Wifi problems


Apr 21, 2010
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near Seattle, WA
WIFI connection problem
I am having problems connecting to a wifi network in my office. My laptop sitting next to my Droid is connecting just fine.
Another person nearby in the office with an iPod touch is also connecting to the network with no issue. I have seen an out of range message once or twice.
I dont have 3G service in the building. Is that an issue with connecting to the Wifi?

Any suggestions?
settings > wireless networks > wi-fi settings
Turn on wi-fi
add wi-fi network
find your wi-fi network

message me if this doesn't work, and I think I can help from there
wifi is already on and the network is already on the list.

When i click connect it doesnt appear to do anything.
In your notification bar it should change from 3g to wifi. Does your phone connect to other wifis?
in my origianl message I said I dont have 3G service in my building....The wifi icon doesnt come up because it doesnt connect.

Yes I have no problem connecting to other wifis when I am outside of the building.
Sounds like its an issue with your work place's network to me. Is it P-Worded? If your connecting to other networks just fine, and your work place's network is in your list, then it should connect to it just fine also... Best advice, ask the network admin for assitance. Also, maybe the wifi router is too far away for you to get a stable connection.
Pretty unique problem then, not sure why your phone would connect just fine to other networks, and only have problems with your work network. Sounds like an issue for your network admin to me though...