WIFI connection problem


Apr 21, 2010
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near Seattle, WA
I am having problems connecting to a wifi network in my office. My laptop sitting next to my Droid is connecting just fine.
Another person nearby in the office with an iPod touch is also connecting to the network with no issue. I have seen an out of range message once or twice.

Any suggestions?
What kind of signal strength are the other devices showing? My Droid has always been good at picking up even weak signals. It may run slow at times but it still connects.
Just today I gave up trying to coax my Droid to connect.
And asked my son to explain how HE got on WiFi okay.

So embarassing.

Go Settings, Networks, WiFi settings, WiFi networks, and find your network.
Now give your network entry a LONG PRESS (who knew?)

And enter correct password. Maybe you have to do 'Forget network' first.

I don't know why I thought it would just work, out of the box.
And where does -anything- tell about long press?

Ol' Bab
The Droid seems to have problems connecting to and/or remaining connected to a wireless N router/AP running in mixed mode from what I've read and experienced. I had to set mine to run in G only mode.