Wifi problems....need help please!!


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Apr 3, 2010
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First off, I'm now running the 3-24 nightly of the AOSP ics rom. Just yesterday I updated from the 3-19 nightly. I had the problem before the switch and this issue led me to update to see if it fixed anything.

The problem...
I have various components connected to my wireless router at all times, and they all work no problems. So when I turn on wifi on the d3, it shows open networks, I enter my passcode and it connects. Then, as soon as I try to use any data, it disconnects, loses my router and won't do anything. Then 3g pops up and 3g works fine. Before I updated to the new nightly, I switched to non-safe mode and nothing different. Wifi still did the same thing. Anyone else having any issues like this? I've searched the web, forum, and tried everything I know to do. Almost forgot. Wifi did work on 3-19 nightly and my non safe liberty 3 setup until like last week. Then it just quit. Hasn't stayed connected since.

Thanks in advance!
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Or not

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The latest nightly is all good WiFi works

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What's your setup? Not all Routers like to play nice with the Droid 3 in the first place. A very good example of this is my F#cking Netgear WNR2000. It has so many issues.

Usual fixes people tell you to try are things like setting your router to 54mbps mode or turning certain things off or disabling security all together.

I for one am tired of this routine, because nothing I do seems to work with my router anyway. Now I just leach off my neighbors router, which happens to be a WNR1000 that works -perfectly fine- even with a WPA2 password. GO FIGURE.