D2G wifi problems after update


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Nov 25, 2010
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I have searched this issue before. The fix was turning the wifi sleep policy to never and resetting my router. Problem was resolved and the phone was great.

Fast forward to the last update, system version 2.4.330, the phone is unable to connect to the wifi at my job, it was connecting fine before the update. It goes into a loop where it is obtaining an ip address from the router failing and trying again. Eventually it connects and drops the signal as soon as I go to the home screen to open the web browser.

At home the router was just reset. The wifi seems to go into sleep mode, my router is shown as "disabled, remembered" and will connect right away with out too many problems but will have problems dropping the connection.

I was at court a few times(divorce and child custody, I'm not a criminal), wifi was working as it should and after the update it was dropping the signal and kept showing it was obtaining an ip address. It would connect for a minute or two, maybe 30 seconds and then drop again.

I have been searching but nobody seems to have this problem. With three different routers, not including local wifi provided by the cable company that is also an issue, the issue is clearly the phone. The enjoyment factor has gone to about none with constantly having to connect to wifi when the phone would automatically connect. Or expecting to have wifi to kill time when I have to sit in court for hours doing nothing but racking up my tab with the lawyer. Any help other than calling verizon? I'll be damned if I will accept a refurb, been there, done that with EnV touches about four times.