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May 14, 2010
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Wifi problem *** Maybe an idea but need help

Hi everyone !

Since I've got my Milestone, I've a problem with the Wifi : when I connect to a wifi, it works 2 minutes and then nothing ... I'm still connected but nothing load :/

Anyone has a solution ?
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I don't have the same Android-based phone, but I am having the same problem.

I have the MOTO Droid, running Bugless Beast V1.1

The issue began the day I updated to Bugless Beast v1.1, although I can't limit it to Bugless Beast causing the problem. I have tried tweaking my routers and adjusted my DD-WRT firmware for my Linksys WRT54G2 router (including the channel, frequency and overclocking) and as before it sill it works for about 10 seconds then fails causing me to be unable to use any data apps (ex. Browser, Market, WeatherBug ect.) even when its is showing fill/near full 3G coverage and the wi-fi is on. Any ideas, or has anyone else encountered this issue?

I even setup static IP/DNS addresses for the network configuration but that was of no help.

I would like to note this seemed to happen after I ran the following scripts:

After this issue started I did a Fix Permissions both through Rom Manager and through the Bugless Beast script fixperm. Neither had fixed the issue.

Any recommendations or help would be greatly appreciated!
So, I maybe have and idea : I'ld like to flash my Milestone with an official original 2.1 .sbf file, but when I want to do it, RSD give me this error :

Failed flashing process. (0x7100); phone connected
Solution ?
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So, i've finally did it, I'm on 2.1 stock, but still the sale problem with the WIFI :/
Guys I fixed the WIFI issue by installing the app from the Market:
DROID/MS WifiPowerSavingOff

Also, other than that, you can use Spare Parts and disable Wifi Power Saving Mode.
I have the same problem. You can fix it by install WifiPowerSavingOff. It works perfectly.
Hi, I've been using hash ics build for the droid 3 and my wifi was working great until today.
Now it just wont connect i dont know what happened.
has any one had problems with wifi.
Yeah I have! The signal has been weaker than usual! If I'm next to my router it's full bars, when I'm in my room (A few walls away) I used to get full wifi signal... now I'm lucky if I even get 1-2 bars!

That being said, I don't believe I've had MUCH preformance loss...
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I have a Motorola Droid (all stock 2.2.3, looking forward to rooting) I try to connect to my Verizon mifi 4g lte and for some reason the phone will connect to the wifi but will not connect to the web.

What can I do to help solve this problem?

Also whats an easy way to root my Droid. Thanks.

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I have the new LG Optimus F7 from Boost Mobile. For some reason my wifi keeps turning itself on, even after i told it not to notify me of wifi networks. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this?
Yes. I turned the wifi off, and chose not to be notified of any wifi connections and it turns itself back on randomly, and alot of the times it doesnt even connect to any networks it just turns on, and it interferes with my normal data connection.
Definitely doesn't sound right. if it happens often enough I would show it to someone at Boost to see if you have a hardware issue. I can't think of any app that could or would do that.
Yeah thats a good idea. Thanks alot for the suggestion. I cant think of anything else to do. Its irritating. Lol.
What other 'updating' services are operating?

You may have something requiring WiFi access/connection to forward certain messages or texts, or simply location-based services such as map updates and locations for social media like facebook.