Wifi Issues - Status Quo?


Jan 5, 2010
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I am about halfway through my first 30 days with the Droid. It's been a lot of fun figuring this phone out. Aside from a couple instances where I've had to do a battery pull, the phone has been issue free except for Wifi.

I can connect to my Netgear WNR834Bv2 at home without any trouble (or any other wifi network I've attempted...), however, after a few days I find that it "connects" however, I can't browse or do anything via Internet. Checking the router admin settings, I see that the router doesn't show it in the "Connected Devices" list. The easy fix I've found for me - change something (and I mean anything) within the router settings....Save...all wireless devices connect including the Droid and the router shows it in the attached devices and I'm good for another couple days. After I'm connected, I can change back to the settings that were seemingly failing...and things are working fine. So I know that that isn't the problem.

I've found 3G is fine pretty much all the time anyways...so its of little consequence, however, it still bugs me that this happens. I've gathered online that it seems that this issue is fairly "common".

Just curious how many folks are just accepting similar issues hoping its OS issue that gets fixed eventually....or if its more likely a router issue? (every other wireless device I have works just fine....) I don't want to push for a new phone at the Verizon store if the simple reality is that this particular thing just is what it is.

What has been your experience?
I'll bet money on your router. I stopped using Netgear years ago because they become unreliable. The few people I know that have bought them in the last year or two have had similar problems. I've used my Droid with several routers so far (mostly Linksys but also a few Belkins) and have had no problems. Just my $.02
My wifi hasn't had this problem yet and I'm... not sure what you should do does this happen on all networks or just a couple?
A co-worker of mine has had no issue at home with his home network. The main reason why I haven't immediately settled on it being the router was that I have an iPod touch, laptop, ps3, and wii that never have similar issue. I know that, generally speaking, issues that pop up with any product seem far worse than they really are by a vocal minority - but there's been extensive threads about this issue except from anything I can find on this site. I'm hoping hearing from the regulars here might give me a clearer picture since this isn't simply a "complaint" site.

So...thats 1 vote for router being the culprit.
My wifi hasn't had this problem yet and I'm... not sure what you should do does this happen on all networks or just a couple?

Here's the problem...the issue only creeps up after a couple days of successful traffic on a network (in this case the only network that qualifies is at home). I have yet to connect to any other network on a regular basis. I suppose I could go back to a particular McD's or Frisch's to see if I'm hosed up there now???
OP, next time this happens, physically check each attached device's IP. The same was happening to me, and I found Droid hijacking my laptop's IP, which caused problems for both. Problem solved by reserving address in dhcp for Droid.

Edit: Droid probably not hijacking, Netgear (my router too) probably distributing duplicate IP.