Bluetooth and WiFi won't work together


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Jan 5, 2010
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Here's the deal:

Ever since I've had my Droid (December 2009) I've had a hard time getting BT and WiFi to work together at my house. At an open hotspot (like at a mall) it works fine but at my house it doesn't.

Then after updating the f/w of the router it worked. Then there was a new router and I lost it. Then a f/w update to that brought it back. Then went back to the previous router and I've lost it again.

Here's what happens. If I have something connected by bluetooth and I turn on WiFi the BT device is disconnected and WiFi will connect. If I try to reconnect the BT device it won't.

I've tried some other devices (Droid X, Droid Incredible, and Palm Pixi Plus) and they can do it just fine. For whatever reason my OG Droid won't do it.

I'm running currently Sapphire 2.0 with the 900Mhz LV kernel from them. Though this has been going on even before I was rooted and was running complete stock.

Any ideas?

Another thing I've noticed is since going to the previous router my Droid shows signal strength for it as no bars. Something it didn't do with the first router. Then when we went back to the other router it still shows no bars (it used to show bars).