Why won't my website open now?


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Apr 8, 2011
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So I have a website built in flash and it used to open just fine on my Droid but now I have a droid X and I tried to open my website and it won't open just says web page not available...I just got a xoom and noticed the same problem. I'm not super tech savey so any help would be appreciated
Do u have flash installed on these devices first off? Not sure if they come preinstalled but u can just grab it from the market.

Next does it open on a computer? Maybe the sites just not there?

Lastly check ur phone browser maybe u have flash turned off or a setting along those lines or even just a crappy browser I myself like dolphin browser the most

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yeah I have flash 10.2..I didn't know if that is the problem because it use to open I have dolphin to
My site was built with wix and I noticed that another site built through there won't open....I just don't get it because it used to open no problem
Does it open on your computer?
Dolphin browser i also believe has an option to turn flash off i'll look for it and give you instructions on how to get it if it does exist
Here's how i found it open up dolphin browser hit the menu key then select more. Now select settings and in settings there is a button in the top right called setup wizard select that then hit next then it comes up Flash Plugin Support make sure you have that either set to On demand or Always on and then just go through the rest of the set up i'm thinking maybe you have the flash set up turned off here
yeah the site opens on my desktop, I tried what you said and it still won't open, I just don't get it, it used to open...Thanks for your help!!
I'll keep brainstorming what's the site called? I'll see if i can get to it on my d1

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it's sungodcustomgraphics.com thanks again for your effort! Please let me know if it works for you
Its not loading on my x. Are you running a modified host file to block ads. If so could your site be in one of the ip ranges

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It appears to be redirecting to the mobile version of the site. Does that version exist? Try visiting m.sungodcustomgraphics.com on your desktop and see if it loads. I don't know what wix is but you may want to look at redirects

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Wix he doesn't get to see any of the code or anything its a website that builds it for him but yea i can't load it either i don't know much about wix either i write my sites in notepad ha but that is a strange problem it seems wix is not detecting the browser that is being used but using code to detect the screen resolution and registering our resolution as a phone just my guess or it maybe that theres too much flash although sites like marcecko.com load fine on my phone so weird i'll have to think about this one more probably just because wix made it and you don't have access to the code or didn't write it so there's not much you can do unless you write it
If you set dolphin user agent to desktop it loads fine. The issue is in the mobile redirect part

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If you set dolphin user agent to desktop it loads fine. The issue is in the mobile redirect part

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Yeah its redirecting to the mobile version, which is a subdirectory that of course doesn't exist. You'd have to contact wix I guess and somehow turn off the auto detect.

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