Can't open website


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Apr 2, 2010
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On my :motdroidvert:, I can go to all the progressive insurance websites and navigate them without problems EXCEPT the one I need (Webtracker). It loads the header and footer but the login section never pops up. This is web based for a reason and I should be able to get to it from ANY computer (and I had so far). It makes no sense to me why it doesn't open especially since I can navigate the one that involves more sensitive info. Any suggestions on what I should try? I really don't feel like wasting any more time with progressive's "help desk"... I'd really appreciate any advice please?!?!?!
That site doesn't rely heavily on Flash, does it? I've run across a couple with Flash main pages that don't work with the Droid's browser.
I don't believe so. Their other sites seem to be more complex than this one. It's mostly text except for the header and footer which are what's loading. I'm so frustrated because I needed the phone for this particular site and it won't work...all the while, I can navigate the ones that deal with money, etc...and they are(at least look) almost identical.