E-boarding pass website opens as text


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Nov 15, 2013
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I just got a Droid Mini and have an odd problem
When checking in electronically, Delta sends a text message with a website link as the e-boarding pass
When i click on the link, the website opens in text, essentially showing the html text- instead of the actual webpage
with images
Needless to say, one cannot get through Security without the proper QR image

This never happened with my Incredible 2 so is either a Chrome issue or a Jelly Bean issue; I checked Chrome' settings but did not note anything; other webpages seem to work fine (ESPN, SI, etc)
I have no idea how to determine if it is an SMS issue because i do not know what settings are available

thanks in advance for thinking
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Chrome, (not the only browser), has some quirks. I would try something like Firefox or Next Browser.
Thank you for the tip; I tried Firefox and Next Browser
Both 'downloaded' the link into a text file- quite odd as i have never witnessed that before
i guess i can use the My Delta app but that is a multistep process, so i'd rather open the link from the SMS
Perhaps Delta is having a little fight with Jelly Bean