Scrolling issues on websites


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Dec 14, 2010
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I'm very sorry if this is a repost I have searched for awhile but could only find parts of my problem. About 10 times a day my droid x will not allow me to scroll on websites. The websites themselves are functioning I can even go to a diff website and it still won't let me still. I have had this problem since I got my droid in sep. I have done a factory reset twice doesn't help. when this happens I find I cannot even scroll though my pictures. The only work around I found is killing all sessions currently running then opening the browser again this clears it up. Any help would be appreciated.
I have it happen occasionally. I switch the orientation of the phone and pich to zoom and then I can scroll.

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Let me know if it works. There's only one site I can never get to scroll which sucks but hopefully it does the trick.

tappin and a talkin
No it did not work I was on the facebook mobile site when it would not scroll :(