Why Trade in the Maxx?


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Feb 5, 2012
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Just like everyone else I have been inundated by all the adds for moto droid and moto x, s4, One, and so on, oh , don't forget the G2. I got the Razr Maxx last December so I am not in trade in-up mode but felt like airing. My maxx has JB 4.1.2 which I am quite happy with, it goes fast on wifi or LTE with dolphin browser, it looks good, no problems in ten months of rugged use on a farm, SD slot, HDMI out, great battery life. It seems to me that I could be satisfied with this phone for a very long time. When the battery shows signs of age I plan to have a new one installed and keep my unlimited data plan until they rip it from my dying account.
there, I feel better already.
I feel the same way. I see nothing out there to entice me off unlimited.

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Maxx is still a solid device, ride it til it dies! Lol

Galaxy S4!!!
That's the plan! Just have to fight the urge to have the latest and greatest, of course I fell for that with the Bionic until I talked them into the MAXX as a replacement. I'm now month to month.

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Well I was all excited to hear about the new Droid Maxx and for a moment there it helped me take my mind off the Galaxy S4 until I realized that it has no slot for extra storage. Yes, it has considerably longer battery life than the GS4 but the lack of extra storage is a deal breaker for me. As for battery life on the GS4, I can easily keep a spare battery and change out to it if needed... something I can not do with the Maxx.

For now, I'll stick with my Razr Maxx which has great battery life AND extra storage. IMHO, GoogoMoto made a big mistake.

+1...I see no reason to trade my Maxx - particularly since I would have to pay full retail for a replacement if I did not want to give up my unlimited data. This is, far and away, the most solid phone I've owned.
You know, it is more about the principal of not just sitting back and taking whatever V decides to throw at you than a few new mostly useless features on on a new phone. None of theses gadget features mean anything to me, I have been mobile since radio telephones back in the 60s when there were only Two channels and they were open.
I use less than 500MB per month and my wife uses around 300MB, I have unlimited for $30 and she has 2G for $30 just because she didn't want to upgrade when I did before the cutoff.
Besides that, I like the Max.