Alternate replacement device for my original Maxx


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May 18, 2011
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I am a current maxx owner. I was told last night by vzw that i have been through 9 replacements since June when ICS came out. Haven't had much luck. I didn't have any issues from January through June. Moto and Vzw kept telling me there will be an update ( JB )to fix the issues which are different on most of the phones. Moto rep confirmed that JB is still supposed to arrive first quarter this year. Even told him about what the website just said soon. I spoke with Vzw tonight about the current issue and said i am tired of waiting for a fix and all of the replacements. He said time for a phone without ICS. They said i can get a refurb DNA, S3, or Maxx HD. Love my Maxx now other than the issues. Any help would be great. As of now i am leaning towards Moto again because of their signal strength and the battery life.