Why the Droid Bionic is the BEST phone Motorola has produced .... EVER!

Love my bionic. My wife loves hers. Both of my parents love theirs too.

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And the camera is great... not sure what problems anyone could find with the camera. It's way better than the one on my 3gs anyway.

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its funny...I was reminded this weekend of one thing that was gonna make me get the bionic instead of the RAZR...fm radio...lol.

I miss that more than a removable battery.

I'm having issues with my Rezound..if I keep having issues..if Verizon offers...I will try to get the Maxx or bionic.

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(However, I wish that Motorola did the same thing as they did with the R2D2 Droid 2 - it has the BEST graphics processor and display).

Actually, the graphics processor (GPU) in the Droid 2 series is a PowerVR SGX530. The Bionic's PowerVR SGX540 has significantly more power.

The Droid 2 series screen is 854x480 resolution, the Bionic is 960x540. However, the traditional LCD on the D2 appears sharper than the "pentile matrix" LCD on the Bionic, simply due to the arrangement of the subpixels. The Bionic's display, however, is about as good as they come when reading outdoors in the sunlight. The very thing that makes it look "pixelated" also makes it much more glare resistant.