Why the Droid Bionic is the BEST phone Motorola has produced .... EVER!


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Apr 29, 2010
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I've read the reviews about the Droid Bionic. Mostly they trashed it. The 9 month wait from some show until it was released. The Display and Battery Life. Yes, it had some problems early on but I'm running 5.9.902 and I want to tell you - IT's Stable and Awesome! My battery life is great! My display (Yes there is some raster and pixcellation) but I watch Netflix and Hulu Plus and I love the display (However, I wish that Motorola did the same thing as they did with the R2D2 Droid 2 - it has the BEST graphics processor and display). The Task Manager allows you to set programs to be shut down 2 minutes after display goes off saving battery life. The Night Time settings for battery power is the same one that I loved on the R2D2 Droid. I can go all day on a single charge and loose less than 10% of battery overnight. It's FAST! Very Fast. When I turn on 4G it blazes, but I keep 3G on most of the time because of the battery power issue. It's 3D! Using the stock wallpaper when shifting from screen to screen the icons go 3D. I love it! The display is Bright and uses less power than most other smart phones. Also the Droid Bionic has a FM Radio chip installed. Just install the APK from Motorola DROID 3 FM Radio APK Unlocks DROID Bionic’s Capabilities and it will place the icon in your shortcuts. Why Motorola did not put the apk and icon in is a mystery, but it works great. Say what you will about the RAZR and Samsung phones but I'm totally sold on the Bionic as the BEST Motorola phone offered on the Verizon Network.
I've had a Blackberry 8330, a Motorola Original Droid, a R2D2 Droid 2 and I even have a HTC Thunderbolt and of all the phones the Droid Bionic is the fastest and best phone I've owned so far. Yes, I have a 2 year commitment to Verizon for the phone but I feel that the Bionic will serve me well for the next 2 years.
Finally, someone who loves their Bionic :b. I'm glad you're happy, I love my Rezound. It's all relative.

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LOVE the Bionic! We have 4 in our family.

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My wife uses my BIONIC and let me tell ya. Its rock solid. It has good connectivity and isn't buggy or lagging. I was jealous for a while, until I figured out what the deal was with my maxx. Now they are neck and neck as far as performance. It does pretty well with the stock battery too. Bionic is a solid phone IMHO.

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I don't know I think the Bionic's younger brothers the Razr/Maxx are the best. ;)

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From day one, I've never even had one glitch, "ever"!!! Superfast, Beautiful Screen, A virtual computer in my pocket. I read bad comments, and can't even wrap my head around it! Gotta be Pilot Error, I say to myself, scratching my head. I wouldn't trade my Bionic for anything else on the market today. Only way to make my phone better, IMO, would be a Maxx Battery in it!!! Just so you dont have to say it,... EXT Bat. just makes it too bulky for me! dancedroid
Well I did not have screen shot when i did that last test now im only getting 20-25 on average

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Haha yeah the bionic is great such clear pics.....LOL im out

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Mine takes great pics. Replace the stock camera app and learn how to use it then it takes as good pics as any other phone minus the iPhone.

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Ur 100% correct although most ppl wont admit it

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The only negative is the camera and I don't really take to many pictures

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