Why get a Razr Maxx?

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Mar 14, 2011
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Does anyone who liked flashing ROMs / kernels on the A855 get this phone and really like it with a locked bootloader? I am trying to decide but the lack of developer support worries me about this phone. I am looking at about a year from now, how I will grow tired of the same stock Android.

I don't want a HTC and my 3 nexus' I got from Costco had terrible reception issues. Coming off a month with a i*hone, I'm sure any choice will be a step in the right direction. I would love your thoughts, especially from the hacking community.

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I got a Droid RAZR and don't regret it at all, yeah I hate locked bootloaders, but this thing had amazing reception and I didn't care for locked bootloader...I love MOTOBLUR and got my RAZR. I even came from a Droid 2! And both has locked bootloaders! They might not be on top of the benchmarks but they're amazing...and we might get an unlocked bootloader if Kexec gets better, which i'm glad got :)

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I've owned just about every Android Verizon has or does offer (literally). I love the G'nex. My first one had speaker issues but the second one wad great. Even with an extended battery, the battery life is bad. So now I'm on a Maxx. Battery rocks, safestraped and flashed ICS Gummy, restored TiBu from my Gnex and it's like having a G'Nex Maxx...almost. Im debating on flashing the ICS leak but waiting until some more people try it as it's a little more work to flash and restore than I care for. Also noticed an MIUI rom so the development is there, just not what you're used to. It's a pretty imlressive device all and all.

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