which app to convert wireless sync notes for droid?


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Dec 10, 2009
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I switched from a windows mobile device (Verizon Samsung Omnia) to the Motorola Droid yesterday. I was using verizon wireless sync to keep my contacts, calendar, and notes on my Omnia backed up. I have taken care of my contacts and calendar so they sync with gmail. I have hundreds of "notes" that contain password hints, usernames, lots of other misc data. I need to transfer the notes to some app that will be easy to access on the home page of my droid and also be backed up on some server somewhere in case I lose my droid. I tried gDocs (I could copy all the notes to google docs) but it is very slow loading. I would like to find a way to have the notes on the phone itself and sync periodically to update. Maybe I should copy the notes as contacts?

Any suggestions?
Have you tried evernote? I'm not sure if it has the appropriate security for passwords and things like that though. Also the app might still be in beta, if you don't find it on the market you can get it from here Evernote User Forum • View forum - Evernote for Android

There's a computer software that allows you to easily manage and create notes from the computer, and you also have access to everything online.