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Apr 5, 2010
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Droid newb here. Love droid but I have major calendar issues. This is my first smart phone. Previously used a palm PDA for calendar/contacts/notes. Went to windows 7 and palm was not supported. Was told by Verizon sales rep that droid would sync w/Outlook through Google calendar. Evidently you can't sync Outlook 7 with Google Calendar in Windows 7 64-bit. So now I do not have a mobile calendar. I hate to drop outlook and use Google calendar only as all other contacts are using Outlook. No one can tell me when there will be a Windows 7 sync. Has anyone here heard? Is there a 3rd party app to get my Outlook calendar on my Droid?
There's a program called Companion Link that is supposedly good at it. It's a paid app, and not too cheep either. But it might be something you want to look into.
I wanted Google to sync with my pre-existing Outlook calendar too when I first started, but I gave up on it. Now I just put my appointments in my phone and it syncs back to my Google calendar on the computer. I don't have any problems with it, but the initial switching was a little bit of a pain since I had to go back and reenter everything.
You could also export all your contacts and your calendar from Outlook and then upload both files into google calendar, and then use google calendar for everything from here on out and forget Outlook. This isn't a sync solution, but a one-time export of all your data and then transitioning into using a new system.

I like Google calendar because everything is safe in the cloud... and can be accessed from any computer, even if you have a really slow internet connection. It's a great way to break the tether to your home or work PC where Outlook is your staple.

Enough preaching from me. Hope this suggestions helps you!
I'm in a similar but not identical situation: I work in a remote location for a small firm that runs Outlook individually but not over an Exchange server. One secretary maintains the master calendar, which everyone else can view but not edit. We each then have our own local Outlook calendars. I am using the Office 2010 beta which Google's Outlook sync feature doesn't yet support and, last time I checked, Google won't even say whether it ever will.

The secretary who maintains the firm's master Outlook calendar uses the "invite" feature to copy all new and/or edited appointments to mine and my partner's Outlook and gmail addresses. I showed her how to create distribution lists that simplify this task for her. So every time she does this the same appointment nearly simultaneously shows up in my local Outlook calendar, my google calendar, and my Droid.

Even if you're not using it in a work setting like this you may be able to come up with a workflow based on Outlook invitations that does what you need. I don't know enough about Outlook 7 to know what other capabilities it may have that you can exploit.