Where is all the outrage at 4.4.4 loss of functionality?


Mar 3, 2010
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Ok, I'll start!

One of the main reasons I purchased a Droid over an Apple product, is the fact that I could add and remove music at will, and on the fly, and it wasn't managed (controlled) by Itunes. Regularly I would dump several whole albums on my phone then let it play and delete the ones I didn't like, while driving around. Early on in the Iphone game I was lead to believe that you could not delete (or not easily delete) songs on the fly.

Now I know you can delete songs from Itunes, and after 4.4.4 I CANNOT delete songs, or photos, or it seems, ANYTHING I have on my removable micro sd card. Tonight I pulled my micro sd card and installed it in my laptop to see if I could delete some unneeded photos. I'll admit its a new laptop and I have not tried every ounce of data, but it appears this new 4.4.4 has changed the permissions for all (or most) of my data on that drive, and even in my photo and music directory.

This appears to be the very word decision I have ever witnessed in all of the Android functionality.

It has made this function of having a removable micro sd card, to add to the existing memory in the phone and incredible waste.

I wish I could use expletives to punctuate how unhappy I am with this solid decrease in functionality, but this might be the very thing that pushes me to an Apple product.


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Nov 22, 2011
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I don't remember any functionality being 'removed' or 'added' in order to delete certain items from the SD card or how it is handled. The only thing I remember had to do with Apps that are unable to put on the SD card anymore.

Let me ask you a few questions:
  • What app are you using to play this music? Reason I ask cause I want to rule out some dumb app that can't figure out how to read the SD card. Try a few and see if it still won't let you delete it.
  • What is preventing you from using Google Play Music and uploading them via the cloud and just using that instead of relying on the removable SD Card? This is not me being forceful. There are legitimate reasons not to use it. For example, I'm on a limited data plan, streaming this music is just too much money so I would do what you're doing and download them on an SD card.
  • Have you checked the SD card just to rule it out and not the update? Try taking your stuff off it and backing it up to the computer. Format the SD card and put the data back on it and see if it still does the same thing.
  • Encryption. Did you turn it on? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry about it. You probably didn't.
If it is as you truly say it is and it is permissions, just try backing up the stuff and formatting the card as mentioned above. I've never had an issue when I had a phone with 4.4.4 and deleting music on an external SD card. Of course, I know that doesn't mean that just excludes you, but I'd try some troubleshooting before writing it off and heading to Apple unless you are so inclined and then we'd be sad to see you go. However, it is your choice. Try some things first before raising the pitchforks because even with Apple products (and trust me, I'd know as I worked for them), there are things you want to troubleshoot first before blaming the product or the update.


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Sep 5, 2010
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What apps are you trying to move data with?
If you want to delete photos, try the stock gallery. If you want to move files from the phone to the sd card use the stock My Files.
I too was outraged until I found the work around. I have no problem deleting music saved on my card using Power Amp and set it to save music to my card. You just have to move the files, using My Files, to whatever music player you're using sd card folder.
Fwiw, Google saw the err of their ways and brought it back with 5.0 from what I understand but I've been working around so long now I no longer care that they did.