where has all my music gone?


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Dec 9, 2009
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Alright, I have the O.G. Moterolla Droid, had it well over a year now, cant afford to get a new phone without a 2yr upgrade that doesnt come till november for me.
32G card in phone
have all my music under DCIM-100ANDRO-MUSIC
I have that 32G card filled to its 29.6g capacity with music
When I go into the music player and search for an artist or even a song, the majority of the songs are down right missing.
Took all the music off last night, went through it all to make sure its all mp3 format, and converted what wasn't.

Why is this happening? Is there a better music player on the market that wont make this happen?

Not to mention that when on shuffle I seam to hear the same songs every day, sometimes the same song twice a day when I should have 11days of music.

As well, after replacing the battery, or unplugging (the correct way of course) from usb, the phone seems to always do 1 function or play 1 song before freezing up and needing restarted multiple times before it fixes itself.

Guy at Verizon stand said I might have a Virus attached to one of the songs? what the likelyhood of a linksys based virus, and is there a program that can scan for that?