What's the best way to use MP3 for VoiceMail greeting?


Nov 22, 2009
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Colorado, USA
I've made a greeting that I would like to use as my Voice mail greeting and it's in MP3 format. What's the best way to actually get this to be my greeting? I tried calling my VM with another phone and then playing the MP3 with my Droid while recording with the other phone and the end result isn't very audible regardless of volume or distance of my Droid. Does anyone have an ideas on how I can get this to work better? Would be nice if VZW had an upload option on my online account or something but I doubt this exists. I know they offer the ringback tone or whatever that is but it's not really what I'm looking for here because I still want it to ring, I just want my custom greeting if I don't answer. Maybe use my Google voice account somehow for all VM but the problem is this custom greeting has the # announced in it and it's different and I don't like some people having BOTH numbers since I only give my GV number out for the most part and vise versa.

Thoughts? Ideas?