What to do after root


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Apr 21, 2010
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Sorry everyone for the noob question:

I was able to root .893 and was researching the .902 update; I know VW hasnt pushed it out to everyone OTA but I cant seem to find a step by step guide on what to do, as there are many things to do, such as forever root and http://androidforums.com/bionic-all-things-root/470356-guide-how-receive-otas-again-if-you-leak.html<br><br> My question is, if I want to manually install .902, what is the best way(simplest?) to do this that would allow me to factory install, if needed.* Some of the methods i found stated that the radio and kernal would be forever changed and I dont know if that would prevent me reseting the phone back to factory if I bricked it, etc.

Also, being the noob that I am, I accidentally deleted NFL mobile from my phone before making a backup.* I tried downloading it from the market, but I get a FC. Is there anyway to make sure I am 100% stock before upgrading to .902?

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