What is this Moto Maxx?

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Oct 29, 2009
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A few days ago Moto trademarked a new name, Moto Maxx. I went right to the Droid Maxx as well, but as you can see the "Droid" branding is left off (maybe Disney/VZW didn't renew that agreement?)

Maybe we're looking at a Motorola device with a bigger battery that's available on more carriers? Could it be 'Shamu'?

Whatever it is, I'm certainly curious now :)
It is what the public asked for a few years ago for motorola to build their own multiple carrier brand vs the droid-line which is dictated and exclusive to Verizon. I would not be surprise to see the droid-line continue until the verizon and motorola deal is up but the moto line will become motorola's vision for their phone for all carriers. Moto Maxx is going to probably be the Droid Maxx with the moto design language for other carriers and unlocked to be used overseas.
When is the Disney/VZW agreement up do you know? I'm curious now
When is the Disney/VZW agreement up do you know? I'm curious now


^ not sure when disney and vzw will be done...im sure they are apart of something larger. :D

Ill have to do some research if that info is public
struggling to find an answer to that CK, I am sure in order to get that information you would have to be top level on the inside unless it somehow got leaked and is buried beneath piles of information on the web.
If the screen is under 5", the same form factor as the moto x, and the maxx battery this is my dream phone (if it comes in a dev edition).