What case are you using for your OPO?


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Aug 26, 2014
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So far I have used the following cases:
-Ringke Fusion

There is one other that I did not like at all. Can't remember the name. The Pelosi I really liked. It had that sandstone texture which is something I really like. It was a hard case and did not provide a ton of coverage/protection. The Diztronic I liked alot. Good coverage/protection. Nice fit and feel. Only drawback was that it was a little smooth/slippery in the hand (see the diztronic stickerboy thread.) I just got the Ringke Fusion today(smoke black version). So far I love it. Very nice look and feel. Shows off the back of the phone while feeling "grippy" in the hand. It fits the phone very well, and gives it a nice protected feel with that bumper around the edge. Button response is great, best so far. Only drawback is fingerprints on the back. They are easily wiped off though. It is my new daily driver and so far I like everything about it.

Find cases here:


Anyone else have a favorite case/cases they like?
I've currently got:
OnePlus's Clear Shell Case (Junk)
Diztronic Matte Black (Good Case)
Pelosi Sandstone Textured Case (Love this one)
Ringke FUSION Smoke Case (Love this one the most)
Forgot to add - I'm now using the newer version of the diztronic case (ultra?) And it's now my favorite case :) I just ordered recently, the JKase Diablo in black, and haven't received yet.

Swyped on my awesome 64Gb 1+1
I have the Jkase in the mail. Well, it is supposed to be in the mail. Picked two day shipping the other day on Amazon, and they estimate delivery on Wednesday of next week. :eek: