Weekend Review: What an awesome week.


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Dec 23, 2009
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This has been an awesome news week both in android and in entertainment, of course you can check out the top 3 android news topics in DroidForums' Week in Review hosted by @cereal killer and @dgstorm.
I almost do not know where to start but since we are an android forum maybe I should talk about topics in Android.

If you are an avid Google Wallet user, like myself, then you should be happy to know that funds stored in Google Wallet are now FDIC. With mobile based payments being the way of the future companies want customers to feel a sense of security using their software. Google Wallet has evolved to a level that it has taken the place of Western Union, in that you can send family and friends money, as well as one of the goto payment solutions.

We are still continuing the discussion of whether China manufactured flagship phones are going to be able to compete here in the states. With concerns ranging from quality control, software support, unfair competitive advantages, this is an intriguing discussion as this could be a turning point in flagship devices in America so feel free to voice your opinions here (Can China s high end phones compete in the US market Android Forum at DroidForums.net

I did not post a Fitness Friday article this week because I was swamped with work but I have not forgotten. One challenge I have for myself in the coming weeks is to pick a day in the week (Sunday for me) where I will do an honest evaluation of myself. Everything from what I been eating, my weight, measurements, workout performance, etc. This will help me assess am I on the right path or if I need to make an adjustment. I must admit that is an area that I have failed and unfortunately I find myself making knee jerk reactions versus calculated adjustments. So want to ask how do you guys evaluate yourselves physically?

Now for the elephants in the room.

There were two blockbuster trailers released in the past few days that had the geek world buzzing. First Disney released the Force Awakens trailer which got fans of the series excited for December. You can join in on the discussion about the trailer here: Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer Android Forum at DroidForums.net

The other huge trailer that came out was the Batman v Superman trailer. Unlike the Star Wars trailer this started out as a low quality leak that forced WB to eventually release a HD quality video through Youtube. Personally I disliked how WB and DC decided to try and make an event out of a trailer release, but will say I liked the direction of the movie so far based on the trailer. Where the Star Wars trailer was met with praise, the Batman v Superman trailer either got people excited about the movie or concerned that Zack Snyder may be taking the property in a dark direction. You can voice your concerns about the trailer here: Batman V Superman Trailer coming May 15th Rumored Android Forum at DroidForums.net

This has been an exciting weekend thus far and I am sure the momentum will carry into next week. With us being in the heart of the Spring grills are out, ball parks are full, and it is just a beautiful time of year (unless you have allergies). So get out and enjoy the day and when you are tired and looking for a place to wind down and get up to speed on the news check us out at Droidforums, where we provide a place to discuss hot topics of the week with an upbeat tone.