WebOS Like Task Switcher

Wow, fail tapatalk...

When I long press home using cyanogen, I have this set to appear.

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Just got this and I am finding it very nice. Like everyone else is saying the blurry screens are not nice sometimes but I can look over that. I can't seem to get the double tap to work without getting a black screen so once that is fixed I think it will be much better.

Like the part for widgets and shortcuts.
webos in spanish means eggs.. or in derogatory terms.... BALLS lol
I installed this the other day and thought "meh, it's okay... it might get better..."

This morning I saw there was an update and now it's awesome! Now I miss NOTHING from switching from my Palm Pre!
After a day of using this ADW started to have to redraw itself every time since I went back to it after an application close. I enabled the setting in ADW to keep home persistent. This seems to have made ADW more stable for now. But of course I am now giving up my ability to have the screen rotate. We wil see if I will keep it or go back so I can rotate my screen.
Its a cool idea, and works pretty well for a beta. I'm only able to get it to work about 20-25% of the time. I've also noticed that my phone is very slow to go back to the home screen.

I'm gonna mess around with settings in itchy thumb and ADW to see if they will play better together. Otherwise I'll probably check it out once its out of beta (or next beta release).
I dont miss iOS

I'm running
Droid X APEX
Launcher Pro Plus
OC 1.3 stable

I installed this app the other day after seeing it then this morning i uninstalled it because i got fed up with it. but after watching the video i decided to try it out again and this time accept somethings i can live without. the best part of launcher pro is jumping from one screen to another by pressing home. however with this app i cant do that. LP doesnt have a setting to open a app when you press home so basicly after i installed it and asked for the default i choose Itchy. I started using it again and i had blurry screens but after a few mins it gets less and less. one thing that i did alot when i jumped from screen to screen using the HTC sense feature was just so i can jump to a widget to turn off something. I put the widgets that i use alot and icons i use and put them in that bar. and it slides too so its 3 mini homescreens. I think most people when they first use it they would hate it and uninstall it. but when you reinstall it and look at it differently its really great. I can turn off wifi and turn it on and not have to go to the home screen and jump to the one that has that widget. i press home and its there and i just select the app i was on and its done. Its actually a time saver for me now. i can monitor my cpu better too. As far as ADW i couldn't ever figure out how to customize it. Launcher pro i liked instantly so im not leaving it.

PS: in the video he is using a dialer is that stock or a app? I am running APEX and the dialer thats with it voice dial button doesnt work and when you press voicemail it exits out and i lose service. (however i have the 50% bug, so when i put it in airplane to fix the bug i dont go into airplane and i have to actually press that button so it would rest the signal) I'm using dialer one right now as my dialer but i dont know if there's better alternatives.
OK is it me or is this app not even the same as what is shown on the
video??? I mean i get a card thing that you swype up to close an app
but in the Video the app he is using looks much cleaner and almost like its part of Sense. and from reading all the post in here the people who seem to love this and have no problems are those running sense. just a thought but maybe it plays and looks better on sense because all I get it a screen with cards. in his video it shows the name of the app that card is running at the top of the screen.
OK figured it out
its in the styles setting that you can change how the screen is rotated
I have not figured out how to put Icons in the little tray area yet??