WebOS Like Task Switcher

Doesn't seem to work with my launcherpro. It only opens sometimes, otherwise it kinda like zooms int he screen and takes me back to home everytime I hit the Home button.

My same thought at first. The trick is to manually open up the App. Go to settings and uncheck double tap to open. After that it should open up after you press home. Hope that helps.
Looks cool, but consistently tries to open then reverts to ADW. Even when I have it set to be the main launcher in its settings.
Is anyone having a problem where your wallpaper is squeezed behind the cards?
Looks cool, but consistently tries to open then reverts to ADW. Even when I have it set to be the main launcher in its settings.

Change the delay between double tapping the home button to around 500, then double tap it slowly.
cards are blurry on my droid 1 and it is rooted, like the idea, fix the blurriness, and it will be great
This is so cool. it works perfectly on my incredible and it actually looks and works like its part of sense. it meshes perfectly with everything.
it really does help with multitasking too.
So far my thoughts, It is a pretty cool idea and for a Beta release it works pretty well. After things are worked out and more options are added I just might look into this later on. I didn't like how some of the 'cards' were blurry and others were high quality and I didnt like how the Launcher background was squished into the one screen... but I am not complaining because it's a Beta and supposed to be critisized for the sake of becoming better.

Awesome in comparison to most little apps being put out daily...

EDIT: I think the app name could be better tho. My thumb is not itchy...
Running a Moto Droid and installed it, seems to be working great. Using ADW as my launcher and occasionally get one out of 6 blurry screens. Not bad, really liking it!

Moto Droid
Shadow Rom 2.0.0
Chevy no1 ULV 1250 7 slot kernel
Itching Thumb

Looking forward to FLockScreen and I think we will have a winner!

Gotta love Android though, I have seen it take the best of any mobile OS out there and make it part of it's own. iOS, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, WebOS... take the best and make Android better.
i have never had a blurry screen and the background looks perfect. it really compliments sense
I got it to work good on my Droid X with ADW Launcher. I went to settings in ADW and then system preference and hit home button binding, hit open app and when the pop screen pops up tap itchy app. Then exit and every time you hit home button from ADW this app will operate. Screens may be blurry sometimes
i wouldnt mind this app as my alternative to a home app it has a spot for widgets and apps maybe later there can be an option for us
This looks sweet. I might have to try it on my Droid.

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