Fast And Easy Multitasking With Fast Recent Apps Switcher For Sony Xperia


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Oct 6, 2011
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The "Fast Recent Apps Switcher" App by developer "hansip87" uses the small apps api from Sony on the Xperia. This app is an easy to use and quick multitasking app. This eliminates the need to hit the Android recents button and then take time to scroll through the apps. You simply switch back and forth between apps that are right there in the floating menu. There are a few more advantages to using this app other than just the ability to multitask such as the ability to define an apps update time, and the ability to select the number of viewable apps in the recents list. You are able to refresh your recents list by simply swiping down. You can choose between a horizontal and vertical layout for the recents menu. You are also able to pin and unpin the small app giving you the ability to minimize it after launching a new app. This is only for the Sony Xperia. Head to the link below for full details and the download.

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