FREE [APP] Loopr - Task Switcher BETA


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you would like a way to speed up your multitasking while adding a new custom look to your device the Loopr app is just what you need. Loopr is a task switcher that allows you to quickly and easily switch between apps no matter what screen you are currently viewing. Most launchers require you to first hit the home button, launch the app drawer, and ch0osing a new app, if you want to switch between apps. With the loopr app you only need to swipe your finger from the left or right edge of your screen to bring up a semi circle of apps which you can choose from. Loopr brings up a list of the most recent apps by default. You can change the color style of the app, change application transition effect, and there are a few extra options that you get if you pay for the in app purchase. With the donated version you get Live preview which allows you to look at an app by hovering over an app without opening it. You can also use custom icon packs if you buy the in app purchase. The in app buy is $2.73 which could be a good buy for the extra features. Head to the Play Link below for the download.

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