Weather & Toggle Widget keeps freezing on my home page!


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Feb 22, 2010
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Not that I want to ever rant as if I'm channeling my best Andy Rooney imitation, but "...Ever get the feeling as if time has been standing still...?"

Well, I recently rooted my DROID to the most recent Froyo 2.2 ROM build (FRG01B) on a fairly fresh Baseband (C_01.43.01P) and Kernel ( Android-build@apa26 #1), and actually BOUGHT a few apps - just to make myself feel as if I wasn't getting it all for free... doncha' know. Anyway, of those I purchased, I have LauncherPRO Plus (v0.7.1.0) and Weather & Toggle Widget loaded. All is right with the world, that is - until I look at my screen, and I notice that although my screen shows it (should be) 12:32 as the hour, it is REALLY 2:02 PM. Now, I know what you're gonna ask... did I go into the setup and make this adjustment and that... and I can assure you, I have - repeatedly. What's more, I didn't upload any other fonts of clock skins - it's the basic "outta 'da box/off the 'Net version. Nothing special about it. Furthermore, I have removed the battery, done a fresh reboot, and even considered sipping herbal tea instead of my usual cup o'java... and NOTHING seems to abate the failingly consistant frozen time display on my Droid's Home Page.

I've tried loading just the clock and not the weather, to no avail. I tell you, this is MOST distressing... even more so, since I bought and paid for the object of my frustration.

Occasionally, I can get it to display the expected time, but only when I turn off the device and turn it back on.

I'm usually the one folks are coming to for suggestions, so my asking for assistance is rather new.

Any suggestions? Anyone else have such experience with this device/program/app? Is there a fix that you might be aware of that I have clearly overlooked?

I eagerly await your soonest collective reply.


Sandy Korda