Juice Defender deactivates Weather Widget on home screen


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Nov 14, 2011
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I recently installed Juice Defender Ulitmate on my Droid Razr. After having installed it, when the phone has been standing by for a while, sometimes when I wake it up my weather widget has lost its programming for the assigned cities, and I have to set it up all over again. I have to assume that its Juice
Defender causing the problem. I have found the settings to go to the list of all apps and enable or disable each app, but this is a "WIDGET" as opposed to an app, and therefore it is not in the list. Any suggestions on how I might remedy the problem? I really like having the weather widget on my home screen, but its useless if I have to go in and set it up all over again every day.



Jan 18, 2010
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Although I have mixed experiences, most people are going to suggest you refrain from using Juice Defender altogether. Android is designed to 'kill' programs as needed, and a task killer is not necessary. Most notably is that your phone will constantly open apps that are killed, and it will end up using more battery. Just search 'task killers' on this site and you will find more threads than you will know what to do with. That said, my wife has been using one with her Thunderbolt and swears that it has improved her battery life. I've tried to tell her otherwise, but it's not worth it.

Anyways, to answer your question, the widget should still be tied to an app that you downloaded. For example, Beautiful Widgets is just widgets, but I still had to download Beautiful Widgets from the app store and it appears as an app on my phone. I guess the only exception would be the weather widget that is pre-installed, but I would still think 'Weather' would show up somewhere as an app, or perhaps be tied into a system app that you wouldn't want to kill anyways for the above stated reason.


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Nov 6, 2011
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I have this exact same problem, but had not put two and two together yet.

Perhaps switching to a weather app that has a widget would work?

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