Wear screen shots.... What's your watch look like?

I've been thinking about this one for a long time . It only took about an hour to make after I finally decided what I wanted it to look like . The AOD is much dimmer than the screen shot shows as a not to lose one's night vision when looking at the watch .
The usual complications on this one.
As usual anything made with Watchmaker app will be very battery friendly . View attachment 90403

Darth Mode 10+
Excellent love the look
I added zoom in and out for 3 layers
Tap the center and the layers slide out gently . Tap again and they slide back but bounce when they reach their original spot to give the lock into place effect .
I actually prefer the center one but since I was working on it I just made all 3 offerings and yes the hour hand is behind the digital time to give the digital time a lifted look . The second hand is intentionally on the bottom for the lowered deep look .

Darth Mode 10+
I did not make this one . Battery friendly . Lots and lots of complications choices plus a plethora of settings customizations .
I might actually keep this one .

Darth Mode 10+
View attachment 90428
This has been my usual driver at the moment . 2 screen shots to show the colon flashes on and off like the old LED watches from the 70s . I even changed the opacity of the colon to look like screen burn in (just like the old 70s watches ) .
I have it in neon green and bright red as well .
Same complications as what I just posted but , as usual with my builds , I make them invisible so it looks like a watch and not a health tracking pda .

Darth Mode 10+
Dadam72 on the Play Store.
Again , no hint of battery usage after initial setup .
It also has a couple more complications that are 0 opacity . I like that because it keeps the watch from looking too crowded.

Tapping the media controller complication starts my Poweramp player on the phone . Tap it again to pause .

Darth Mode 10+
I wanted to bring out the true capabilities of the amoled but sometimes I need to check the time on the fly .
Tap center , large digital time shows up , tap again and the original .
It seems like others are catching on to the desire for a bunch of complications BUT Google limits the number to 8 . Watchmaker has no such limitation so this one has my usual 10 . I also prefer invisible on my watch , especially ones like this where the icon might get swallowed up by the wallpaper
I like to layer things out of the norm on purpose , such as the seconds ball behind the bars and digital time behind the analog hands but they're very easily switched .

Darth Mode 10+
I call this my Work Watch .
I work at Builders First Source as a sawyer of engineered wood products . By the end of the work day I'm "dog tired" so I have this set for company logo from 6am to 530pm , my work day then it switches to the other wallpaper (tired looking dog ) the rest of the time .
Add into this sometimes I'm in the bright sunlight , am not thinking very brightly , or just lazy is why tap above the 6 and digital time appears . Tap again , it disappears .
I also have my usual plethora of invisible complications . I did change the one at #5 to phone partly because it's easier than opening the app drawer and mostly because the flashlight I had there before got pulled from Play Store for some reason and I wasn't able to put it on my Galaxy Watch 6 .
Also night mode (AOD) at 40% opacity so I can see the time at night without using a lot of battery and messing up night vision .

The 2 dog wallpapers look different because I didn't like the pillow in the initial design so I edited the wallpaper to minimize it .

Darth Mode 10+