Water Damage To Droid


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Jan 9, 2010
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Queens, NY
I have the first Droid and yesterday I dropped it in the toilet. I tried to turn it off immediately but wasn't able to so I put in a towel for like 2 minutes then I realized that I had to take out the battery. So I took the battery out and dried it. I did try to turn it on after 30 minutes or so but an error message came up 'Bootloader 2c.7c Battery OK, Connect USB.' I wasn't home so I couldn't connect the USB right away so I took the battery out again. When I got home a few hours later I connected the USB but the screen was blank. I took out the battery and let it dry out for the night. This morning I put it back together and connected the charger and I got this error message 'Bootloader 2C.7C Battery Low, Cannot Program.' It stayed like this for a long time then I connected the USB and now it won't even turn on.
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