wallpaper, cpu and memory relations... anyone notice?


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Aug 1, 2010
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ok, I was using an app called Android System Info by ElectricSheep and comparing the results to the Droid's built-in Running Services app.

so here's the deal... some of us like the live wallpapers and none of them seem to take up any processor... so I wanted to know about memory... since we don't ever have enough. I like the smoke, and change the color to blue. under the built-in services list, live wallpapers use a process that uses about 32MB... whoa. but under Android System Info, you have that same process with 32MB, but the wallpaper itself is an additional task, and smoke uses an additional 25MB... ouch. so I changed to another wallpaper, and the figures changed slightly, but similar.

so, away goes the live wallpapers and switch to a pic... but the live wallpaper task was still running under both task reporting apps. tried to kill it, still there, smaller, but still there. so this was beginning to bring me back to my DOS days when we had to run programs like QEMM to manage memory. I rebooted my droid, and live wallpaper app is not running... and I have more available memory.

so, has anyone else noticed? and have we looked at the memory management lately?

I'm going to research this further... look for more info to come...
on an additional note, since switching to a still image background, I've got snappier menus and more power... I suspect the live wallpapers are using more than 0% processor as reported...