Odd Memory Issues (Droid)


Jan 25, 2010
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Okay, so I've been running Launcher Pro and lately it's been a real hassle as it continually re-draws and I find I can get it to stop doing that by reducing the memory overhead.

To help troubleshoot that I downloaded the app Memory Usage. However, I'm really not understanding what I'm seeing:

Total: 225MB Avail: 40MB
Active: 74MB Inactive: 82MB

(First, can anyone explain those numbers?)

Android System/Settings 51MB - 100
LauncherPro 26MB - 400
Contacts Storage 15MB - 300
Dialer Storage/Dialer 25MB - 100
SwiftKey Beta 25MB - 200
Clock 16MB - 400
Google Search 15MB -400
Google Services Framework 15MB - 300
Memory Usage 18MB - 100
WeatherBug Elite 14MB - 400
Gmail 13MB - 400
News and Weather 14MB - 300
Google Voice 13MB - 300
Handcent SMS 12MB - 400
ASTRO 11MB - 300
Advanced Task Killer 13MB - 400
Settings 13MB - 400

Okay, so that's well over 256MB at 309MB so how is that supposedly even fitting in RAM at all?

Next, what's the deal with several of these apps?

Astro always shows up no matter what I do with it. I kill it and it comes immediately back. What is a file manager doing that it's running constantly even when I'm not doing anything with it?

Same deal with News and Weather. Why is this ALWAYS in memory?

I usually also have a Bluetooth entry even with Bluetooth off. Amazingly it wasn't here this one time when I looked.

Things are so bad trying to optimize memory that I'm seriously considering dumping my Droid and getting a Droid 2 or a Droid X just to have more memory to play with and blowing any chance at some new mystery Droid in November or so.

Any input greatly appreciated.