How memory usage works on droid


Nov 24, 2009
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I'm wondering how the memory works on my orginial motorola droid (2.2). When I open the running services tab I see this on the bottom:

Other: 54MB in 3 Avail:19MB+45MB in 7

I'm wondering if someone can explain what this means. I assume this is all coming out of the 256MB of Ram the droid has? I was also installing app's and got a memory low warning aftering firefox beta that was 14MB in size. I gather that almost all the apps do not support installing to the SD card yet if ever. So of like the 100 apps I have installed is it likley that they are all taking up room of the RAM of the 256MB?

I'm also wondering if there is a good app that shows you how much of your RAM is full with apps, so you know when you need to uninstall some etc. Like you are using 200MB out of 256MB or whatever.How memory usage works on droid
well I'm wondering what parts of memory it is refering to. The numbers seem pretty cryptic. Is it ROM, RAM, Internal Storage?
RAM. Available storage is displayed on a different screen: Settings->SD Card and phone storage.

Don't forget that cache and data also use internal storage.